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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Hmmm... after clearing out some nice big writiers blocks caused by episode 17's EPICSIUM, finally gotten around to writing stuff.

Here's a preview of my next chapter, this time for Mai:

Spoiler for Preview:
It seams that this will not be a pleasant chapter for Mai but I must say I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing^^

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post

If going by Nanohaverse universe standards, Arc-en-Ciel is off the charts. I see SSS+ as the best possible attack that can be done by a single mage.

Very nicely done! However, I'd like to put some of my thoughts in the power levels bit... I view SSS+ as the maximum possible power that can be exhibited by a mage. Going by Nanohaverse standards, bar the outrageous abilities and weapons in OCverse, Arc-en-Ciel should be the one categorized by X-rank. I know some people might complain that If Arc is X, then what more for the weapons of some other ships like the Riviera and Minerva? BUT, We're basing this on Nanohaverse, desho? So by canon standard, it should do well for that. I wouldn't really want to deviate from canon too much. That's my take at least. So SSS probably should be a giant-nuke type but still somehow below Arc. Just think of a much larger Hraesvelgr...
.... heh.........

Originally Posted by Saint X View Post
but for now while i create that story... a snippet, from another time- before Nanoha was born.

Spoiler for Nanoha: The Origin:

The origin of Devine Buster, very nice^^

Originally Posted by An Hero in Disguise View Post

Spoiler for magical ranks:
Thanks for the list ^^ all in all hard to disagree with ^^ nice work

Originally Posted by Satty View Post
Well...done with part 2 of SearcherS...yay!

Spoiler for SearcherS: part 2:
Terrific Story!! So when is the next part? I can't wait to see what happens ^^


well I guess now is as good a time as any for the first part of EB to be posted^^ *Thinks to self* I am so dead><
Ok EB has at least 5 parts and around part 6.... well you will just have to wait and see ^^

Spoiler for EB part 1:

the Next chapter or two will go into a lot more story than this one did ^^

......... O what the Heck ^^ here is part 2 as well ^^

Spoiler for EB part 2:

this is just the beginning ^^ If it is still a bit rough I apologize It is 5 AM Here and I just got done "polishing" it ^^ ....

Comments, Questions, Death threats><
Spoiler for If death threats then:

Ok it is 5 am for me so I'll be going now ^^

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