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~~~New intelligence data updated~~~

Much has changed since the end of Operation StrikerS. With Regius and the Mid-Childa ground forces relegated to being lame ducks, the acolates earned by the Trinities of Saint Church, especially the 21este, and the newfound political clout of the Belka Administration across all of Ordered Space, the Secretariat has finally approved the Church's request for a self-defence force.

Not a moment too soon. With the mad doctor Scagletti resurfacing with more numbers than before, the return of the Necrons in force, as well as the advent of the Third Succession War started by Skane's Imperial Belka Army, the TSAB needs all the muscle it can get to secure the homelands.

And now, for the full dossier on Saint Church's Knight-sisters who belong to the Daughters of the Emperor Adeptae Belkarum!

~Adeptae Belkarum~

Spoiler for General Information:
There's a little hint as to why Kha was attracted to Alicia in there, if you can catch it.

As always, Mages maketh the Army.
Spoiler for Infantry:

The Knight-sisters, being a civilian enforcement force, have little access to armor and heavy equipment. However, they can field some exquisitely built variants of the ubiquitous Heavy Rhino Transport from the STC plants on Raxephon.
Spoiler for Armor:

And the Summons that makes a Knight-sister army unique.
Spoiler for The Beastiary:

What's an army without Heroines?
Spoiler for Adeptae Belkarum heroines:


The full list of Saint Church's forces can be found here.

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