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~~~New intelligence data updated~~~

Saint Alexei Convent training uniforms:
Spoiler for School uniforms:

Adeptae Belkarum (Active personnel) Uniform (Counterpart of the brown GAS uniforms)
Spoiler for Adeptae Uniform:

And lastly, all sisters' Mode Ein, not Mode Zwei, Knight Armor look like this:
Spoiler for Mode One Knight Armor:
Mode Zwei can vary a lot, so it's a little hard to post an example, but you guys get the idea.

The rest of the Saint Church's forces can be found here.

EDIT: Made Lifeguards part of the Coast Guard. Thanks Lowe! :3

EDIT2: Added more details on the uniforms. Realized that I left the different colors of the orders out. Made things a little more clearer.

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