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Thank you, again, everyone for reading my work and giving me the comments. I'm having a lot of fun writing. I've been putting paper to pen and finger to keyboard to around ten years but around seven years ago lost a lot of my motivation. Having people read my work and enjoy it has rekindled the flame for me to write my stories again. Thank you all for reading them. I have a folder on my computer filled with cat girl pictures, two of which I think fit age 15 Minea rather well. I'm going to post them after the next chapter of Minea's Dairies, but remember, I claim no ownership or credit for them, I am only saying they look a lot like how I envision her in my mind. Without further adieu, on with the show!

Spoiler for Minea's Daires #2 Part 4:

(this is the edited part) What Kha mentioned about the story with what happened to Minea I want to clarify about it since it might not come up again. The area didn't change from the past to the present, she only reached the other side of the Crypt without knowing it. Celesti and a handful of scientists are the only ones who know of the entrance Minea and the crew arrived at, others know of the way Minea left. So, in truth, she just never knew there was a second way out.

And now here are the Minea pictures that I think resemble here. Be careful >> One is a panty shot

Spoiler for Minea!!:

Now just imagine this sweet girl pushing someone in front of a car...

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