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Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post
I shall say no more until it's at least finished

I'm so evil XD! And I'm SO getting a blast out of the responses XDDD! *Falls out of chair laughing*
And I thought only Sith Lord Darth Chaos indulged in petty torture. >.>

Don't get me started; I dun wanna get hammered by Ryuya again.

Let's see what you got then.

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I use a remarkably different rank system for my characters that exist within the Belka system. It applies to all 4 Pillars for simplicity, though within the Licht von Belka and Blut-Engel there may be unofficial sub-ranks that serve to define the person's jobscope, like an accomplished Licht preacher may be assigned the Brother-Captain rank on top of his own Saint Church recognized on.

Anyways, here is the main list of ranks and icons:

It's sauce should be rather familiar. Feel free to use it if your OC is Belka and aligned to the Church.

There's a mistake in Kha's profile: It should be Lieutenant-Commander rather than Knight-commander. Anyway, after his work against the Necrons he earned enough honor to skip Commander and go Marshal, so that will be reflected in Codex: Daemonjaeger.

Saint X's rank icons aren't used by Belka, but some notable members like Kha have a second rank, which was gained from the AX like Keroko's red Commander's patch.
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