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Originally Posted by othafa View Post
In terms of the manga ending, I doubt it, because of the influence that DBZ has had on Kishi's vision. I believe that the Akatsuki arc of the story is coming to an end, but I can't see the entire manga coming to an end until we see at least one if not two more major villains after Akatsuki is destroyed.
Lol I seriously hope your right, I personally hope this Manga goes on for at least 2-3 more years ^o^.

In any case, the whole is Tobi Madara issue shouldn’t really be up for discussion -any more- if you take a look at MH and NF all the translators already talked it over with each other. They "banned together" and posted a thread that was stuck, which claimed Tobi is Madara, what he did was just very cliché of a villain it gives an air of arrogance to refer to your self like that. (In other words Tobi thinks his shit don’t stink.)

It was HisshouBuraiKen's translation that caused the problem in the first place, however his translation was not wrong. What happened is he did not mess around with the sentence, like he usually does with sentence that sound like absolute shit translated directly in to English. Meaning, while all the other translators took the sentence that sounded incomplete / incorrect when directly translated in English, and organized it in a way that it would make sense (being Tobi is Madara). Hisshou decided to leave it alone due to the sheer importance of the sentence (hence the fans became confused). This is done all the time while translating from Japanese to English, because most sentence's sound horrible when directly translated to English due to word placement in Japanese, so the translator usually rearranges the words once translated to english so it sounds correct / a complete sentence.

None the less while Tobi is definitely Madara, if you still feel a bit uneasy inside, just wait for something a bit more solid from Kishimoto to finalize it (However I doubt this will be anytime soon). While I have already accepted that Tobi is Madara, for all the Tobi = Obito fans out there don’t give up just yet, there is absolutely no evidence that says its impossible for Madobi to be Obito, its still possible that the body belongs to Obito even if he is Madara. Madobi being connected to Obito one way or another is still something I believe in.

Here is where HisshouBuraiKen states that he did not mess with the sentence and why ->

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