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Still too quiet! Time for some Bluecheesium seeding!

~~~New scenario timeline unlocked~~~

We've got the episode, time to kick things into FULL DRIVE! First up, the OP of Kha's Counterattack,


Kha / Sophia / Artei / Allison / Kaempfer

These are prototypes of the shopping being done by LoweGear! Without him, the above would not have been possible... What are they for exactly? You'll see.

Oh and... DIE LIINGO!!!

Here's the link for visualisation, though for some of the non-lyrical intervals were from the full length release.
Spoiler for Massive Wonders!:
This time I went a little more original, making up more scenes and dropping hints hints and more hints! Can you catch them all?

I shaft those who should be shafted, and unshaft the shafted.

And... What's with the number of--

*Requiem Breaker >>> Creator-san*

EDIT: Updated lyrics with latest translations.

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