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Ladies and gentlemen! At least I think there are gentlemen here. The next part of Minea Diaries will have no showing of Alexandria or Celesti, or mentioning of their abuses to Minea!! Yes that's right it's time for a chapter full of stuff to make you smile! As we're getting closer to the phase that I begin the main story arc I've come to a conclusion. I'm going to keep the format I started with part 2. Give a story part then move onto a diary. Unless a major event takes place each story part will be of one day and primarily focus on Minea unless calls for someone else to give the recap in Diary form.

Spoiler for Minea's Diary #3 Part 1:

If anyone has a suggestion for Minea's future White Horse Riding Princess I'm happy to take them. Right now I'm leaning towards an older woman, someone who's a bit of a drill Sergent in nature but not the brutal type that Alexandria is. Someone who believes that if you can beat your students then you can use that time to each instead. Of course, when coupled with a rebellous, sometimes bi polar cat girl it'll be interesting to see... Especially if she's old enough that people would think she's robbing the cradle...
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