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as a non fansubber, i personally get incredibly irritated at the mkv format. as i need to take screenshots for every database entry i put up on my site, having no avi version is terribly inconvenient. nothing beats vdub/vdubmod for taking screenshots (as you can easily scan through the file, then go frame by frame to find a good scene, etc) as opposed to any other player. with mkvs, i often can't even use mpc or other capturing tools, so i end up having to turn layers off on regular old WMP, do a print screen, and then cut them up manually... ANNOYING! even if i do that, i never get nearly as many good shots as using vdub, due to not being able to scan around as easy.

so yeah. i always ALWAYS get the avi version if it exists, simply so i can take the damn screenshots.
Then you are quite frankly an idiot for doing that (and probably been doing for quite some time)... :V g_frames
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