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Hmm I'm back again

Only this time I'm just going to show you how to icons like these

First of all you might want to read my other icon tut first Icon with Decorations .

Now select your desired image you'd like to practise on with this tut. I chose Hanyuu out of this picture.

Crop it and Sharpen it *hint- I usually go Filter-Sharpen-Unsharpen Mask-Raidus 0.5-Threshold 2*

Once doing this you should have something around like this.

Now duplicate that layer.

After duplicating the first layer put the second layer on colour burn and reduce it's opacity to around 23-60% or what ever suits your fancy.

It should now look like this

New layer and fill it with the colour of the characters hair. Set to Exclusion and reduce the opacity to around 9%

Now here comes the part where you add icon textures. I usually find my textures at DevianArt or colourfilter.


I'm going to using this one

And then copy that and paste it onto a new layer where your working on your icon. Select the blending mode to Lighten and IF sometimes it doesn't work out reduce the opacity.

Now you should have something like this.

And you're done!

But I'd like to use my other tut while doing these icons and I get.

I'm sorry if this doesn't really make sense to you *Sweet desu~ is feeling really ill*

So I wish you all the best of luck with this tut
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