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Here is a tutorial I found about the sillhoutte images. This is really helpful for anyone that wants to make an ipod avatar.

PSP X tutorial (option 1 only works on GIMP)

This might be a bad tutorial cause I spent forever trying to look for a good image...and I honestly forgot how I made the Reina one so...nice o_O.

Requested by kimi.

Maki-san's Graphics Tutorial: 01: Silhouette

Program: PSP X (10)
Difficulty: Depends on how well you follow directions. Needs basic knowledge of the program. Must know where tools are as it will take way too long for me to have to explain each step with extra steps.

Going from this:

To this:




(Images in this tutorial has been resized for your and my convience, so please do not resize anything on your own until indicated)

Open up your base image. Duplicate base once (twice if you'd like to create option #2).

Duplicate your top layer and set blend mode to multiply. Merge down.

Go under adjust > brightness and contrast > threshold... and enter "238" for "Threshold:"

Create a new raster layer and start coloring in the white spots within your silhouette with a regular brush (whatever size you're comfortable with) set to the color black. Merge down when you're done.

Click on the eye of your first layer to hide it. Select the layer below it. Go under adjust > brightness and contrast > threshold... and enter "163" for "Threshold:"

Go back to your top layer and click on the eye, making it visible again. Now carefully erase your top layer where I've circled (you may lower its opacity to see where you're going). When you have done so, merge down.

If you just want to settle with option #1, you may stop here and resize your silhouette by 50% or lower (lower you go, smoother edges). Please continue onto the next step for option #2.

Click on the eye of your top layer to hide it. Now select the layer below it (original base layer). Go under adjust > add/remove noise > edge preserving smooth... and enter "22" for "Amount of smoothing".

Go under effects > edge effects > find all.

Click on the eye of your top layer to make it visible again. Drag your base to the top (now it's the top layer). Set its blend mode to difference. Go under image > negative image.

Take any soft brush and start erasing over the facial area until you have something like the example below.

Resize image by 50% or lower.


Silhouette tips:
It's best to use an image with a perfectly white background (or some other solid color, but I've never tried that). Also, having things too funky would not be good (like someone with crazy hair). It's good to have pictures where the main subject has a clean outline to them (or it). For smoother edges in your finished product, resizing it to something smaller helps, or you can try erasing the sharp edges off. There are many tricks to this stuff, just find something you're comfortable with.


Maki-san's Icon Tutorial: 04: iPod Style Icon

Program: PSP X (10)
Difficulty: Not difficult. Requires basic knowledge.

Going from this:

(or option #1 of the previous tutorial, but I'll be using #2)

To this:

credit by Maki-san on Twilight Paradise forum
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