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Tanaka Rie Has a Knack for Playing Really Popular Characters

Originally Posted by brightman View Post
Yes it has... Twice actually.

Anyway, Romi Paku is no stranger to Gundam, so I wouldn't be surprised to see her here.

As for Souichirou Hoshi and Rie Tanaka... They've been a bit quieter than usual lately... Seems like their popularity has waned a bit?

Tanaka Rie will have regular roles in at least four anime series beginning this Fall 2007 - three continuing (Maria in Hayate no Gotoku! [Hayate the Combat Butler], Bianchi in Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, Ikeuchi Riyoko in MOONLIGHT MILE); and one new (Futami Eriko "Eririn" in KimiKiss pure rouge) - plus anything else yet to be announced.

She did the main guest role, Shino, in the first two episodes of Noitamina's Mononoke earlier this month.

According to Tanaka Rie herself, she is playing more and more characters with low voices - unlike her characters with high voices, such as Chii in Chobits, Lacus Clyne and Meer Campbell in Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED DESTINY, Kingyo Ran in Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales). Simca in AIR GEAR, and Kujou Hikari / Shiny Luminous in Futari wa Pretty Cure MAx Heart.

Most of Tanaka Rie's characters in anime, games, drama CDs, etc., the past year or so have low, deep, mature, womanly voices: Maria, Bianchi, Ikeuchi Riyoko, Shino, Matsukata Hiroko "Hiro" in Hataraki-Man, Lula in RED GARDEN, Fila Marik in The Third ~Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo~ (The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye), Suigintou in Rozen Maiden, Tomoe Marguerite and Fiar Grosse in My-Otome, Leandra Cheviat / Sister Lain in Nishi no Yoki Majo -Astraea Testament- (The Good Witch of the West), and so on.

Of all the Tanaka Rie characters in anime I have heard so far, I would say that, though they still may only be teenage girls, Leandra Cheviat and Bianchi have the deepest voices - yes, even deeper than that of Lula and Fila, who are adult women.

Tanaka Rie has a knack for playing really popular characters, perhaps making them more popular than they have a right to be: Lacus Clyne, Chii, Suigintou, Kujou Hikari (Shiny Luminous), Matsukata Hiroko, Futami Eriko, and Kirijou (Kirijo) Mitsuru in Persona 3 (game).

Tanaka Rie's Lacus Clyne has dominated annual character popularity poll rankings of Newtype, Animage, and Animedia magazines in Japan like no other female character has done in history.

Given that these days she plays mostly mature woman roles with voices that match who are not really moe material - e.g., Lula in RED GARDEN has to be one of the most anti-moe characters ever - it is amazing that Tanaka Rie characters rank No. 3 overall in total votes cast for in the first preliminaries of the Anime Saimoe Tournament 2007.

The popular love simulation game KimiKiss features top seiyuu (voice actors): Koshimizu Ami, Ikezawa Haruna, Mizuhashi Kaori, Hirohashi Ryou, Noto Mamiko, Nogawa Sakura, Kawasumi Ayako, Nakahara Mai, Fukuyama Jun ... and Tanaka Rie.

Guess which seiyuu voices the No. 1 most popular character by far in KimiKiss game character popularity polls across the board last year - whether it be the 2ch poll, the KimiKiss Fan Page poll, the TECH GIAN poll, or the official website poll.

Before the release of the KimiKiss game, many had anticipated that Mizusawa Mao aka Mao-nee, voiced by Ikezawa Haruna, would be voted the most popular. (Mao finished No. 2 in the polls, except in the 2ch poll, finishing No. 4 in that one.)

Vocal Noto Mamiko supporters believed that her Shijou Mitsuki would be voted the most popular. (Mitsuki finished No. 4 or No. 5, depending on the poll.)

Tanaka Rie's Futami Eriko was a dark horse.

Drama CD (Rie Tanaka, et al.) / Drama CD Kimi Kiss Vol.3 Eriko Futami

Third drama CD release from the hit love-sim game series "Kimi Kiss" about kissing! This time around features the fan selected favorite character Eriko Futami in a brand new story. Includes episodes 1 through 5.

After its release in Japan on May 25, 2006, however, Futami Eriko's popularity skyrocketed, winning KimiKiss fan poll after KimiKiss fan poll. Japanese fans credit Tanaka Rie's voice and voice acting for making Futami Eriko so incredibly popular and the runaway No. 1 favorite character.

KimiKiss is being made into an anime series called KimiKiss pure rouge, which debuts on television in Japan this fall (October 2007). So far, Tanaka, Koshimizu, Ikezawa, Mizuhashi, Hirohashi, Noto, Nogawa, and Nakahara have been confirmed as reprising their game roles in the anime.

Search my posts on AnimeSuki for more information, facts and figures, documentation, and links.

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