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Some 2ch 用語 (lingo)

Originally Posted by AVPlaya View Post
Hey, KJ1980-dono, you want to post something about the various ascii "smilies" you use often on 2ch? things like WWWW or Orz... I'm sure many folks will find it useful trying to reach 2ch on their own.
Well, I'm not a kj1980-dono, but I could explain some 2ch 用語 yougo (lingo)

First, the w
It's short for warau (笑う): to laugh. It's pretty much the same as LOL
You intensify your laugh by spamming more w

Next, orz
orz is a mirrored and a condensed version of: _| ̄|○
It's a person kneeling on the ground facing down.
In orz, o is the head, r is the body & arms, and z is the legs.

It originally meant despair, failure, but it can also be used as "I'm on my knees laughing" as well.

There ateji (当て字) which are like "teh" and other other purposely misspelled words. Replacing ン n with ソ so or ツ tsu with シ shi is pretty common. This can go further and replace the the misspelled word in kanji like 香具師 (read ヤシ yashi -> ヤツ yatsu).

Then there are horribly overkilled ones like キボンヌ -> きぼーん -> ○○を希望する
which means "I hope for ___ ."

Kanji that are homophones like 厨房 = 中坊 (both read as chuubou) are often replaced as well.
Then there are the kanji that are read wrong on purpose and converted back to hiragana or katagana. Sometimes these are mistyped purposely on top of that. Another common thing is to split kanji into parts.
eg 神 -> ネ申 or 北 written as コヒ

There are also foreign words converted to kanji:
火狐 -> Firefox browser
凶箱 -> X-Box
鯖 (さば saba) -> サーバ sa-ba -> server

Addresses with http:// is often written as ttp://
39 -> san kyu -> Thank you!
スレ sure -> thread

As for smilies... I don't know if there is a rule or standard to follow.

m(_ _)m
I guess maybe this one might be confusing (guy bowing down usually meaning gomen nasai~ )

oh yeah, then there's the ever popular: キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!
and the various variations. I'm not 100% on the origin, but I'm pretty sure it came from 来た!
It means (it/the time/my fav moment/ect) has come!
It's a smiley/expression for overwhelming joy, excitement, etc.

The rest are pretty self explanatory, I think.
Is there something specific that you want to know?

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