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Well, time to finally post something about my characters. Thanks to anime episode 18 now I have no doubts about continuing the story.

This episode will be a bit different from the others. I'm going to implement Aaron's Time-skipping Style (TM) for this episode only (unless I get infected by this virus ). However, since I traced () the time-skip skill, it will have a nerf: I will probably reroll the scene once I get there in the story itself, so this wont really be a time skip.

Anyway, the point of this couple of episodes is to give insight about one of my character's "devices." I'm quoting the word because it isnt really a device but an ancient artifact...

In the second part (which continues in the next update) I will be expanding the Nanohaverse a bit by introducing a new ancient civilization, though I will only be explaining certain things, and briefly, such as how they fought back then, etc. I will most likely revisit this world later in the story itself, so more insight about it will be revealed later (probably ). As to how these two parts tie in, you'll have to wait for the next episode to find out.

I'm sure its pretty obvious when this happens and who's involved.


Spoiler for Special Episode 01 - Part 1:

Spoiler for Special Episode 01 - Part 2:

This last part feels awfully familiar to another piece posted not too long ago by someone else, huh?

I'm finishing the next episode right now, which will conclude this little chapter, so I might be able to post it a bit later. Depends on if I finish on time or on feedback about this one...
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