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Basic specifics only translation for the Number's combat-position, abilities, aerial capabilities, limitations, ISes, IEes, except Uno and Due. Well, humbug's translated Uno's anyway, with character details.

Courtesy of 4chan's Anonymous.

Spoiler for Numbers:

And this is through my own skim-through of the profiles, but apparently (( 70% chance of being wrong )), Sein is sort of like a medium or in-between of sorts of the older sisters and the younger ones. Needless to say, like Cinque and Uno, her IS's unique abilities are also very highly valued.

(( Yeah, I'm a Sein fanboy, so I only bothered to TRY and get some understanding of hers alone, so sue me. ))

Edit : Yeah, the ones by humbug23 on Uno, Tre, Quattro and Cinque, with correction from arkangelsk.

Spoiler for Uno:

Spoiler for Tre:

Spoiler for Quatrro:

Spoiler for Cinque:

Meanwhile, arkangelsk's assist and inclusion on humbug's details on Quatrro and Cinque...

Originally Posted by arkhangelsk View Post
... some are nitpicks. Some are not IMO. Anyway, no disrespect intended.

Pretty much all OK there...
Spoiler for Quattro, Stats Section:

The first sentence is OK. The second sentence should be more like:
Spoiler for Quattro description, 1st sentence + 2nd sentence, 1st half:

More accurate to say:
Spoiler for Quattro's description, 2nd sentence, 2nd half:

OK, my go at Cinque, starting with the descriptive paragraphs. I'd go for as "close and literal" a translation as I could manage.

Spoiler for Cinque:

Yeah, something like that.
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