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Originally Posted by Erio View Post
Well, time to finally post something about my characters. Thanks to anime episode 18 now

Spoiler for Special Episode 01 - Part 1:

Spoiler for Special Episode 01 - Part 2:

This last part feels awfully familiar to another piece posted not too long ago by someone else, huh?

I'm finishing the next episode right now, which will conclude this little chapter, so I might be able to post it a bit later. Depends on if I finish on time or on feedback about this one...
Nice, I would like to see more.

Originally Posted by USB500 View Post

Heavenly Red Brigade's profiles, part II

Spoiler for profile #2:

Spoiler for profile #3:

Anyway, SearcherS part 3 is done, it's a two-part scenario, otherwise it would be very it is.

Spoiler for SearcherS part 3:
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