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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
I wonder which Boris that would be... the Goldeneye one?


Nope, though that one is awesome as well. This one if 'bullet dodger Boris' from a movie which name escapes me.

Anyway, this should have been done days ago, but I was having trouble with some of the scenes.

Spoiler for Into the past ~part 1:

The first part of a blast to the past of Keroko, this series of stories will mainly center around several important events around Keroko. Her meeting with the Aces, the granting of her powers, battle against the Wolkies etc.

I'm not completely happy with the way this first part came out, I suck at bullying scenes. This part goes to show that Keroko's life was a complete mess before meeting Nanoha, and even after they met, there still was something missing. Being alone for most of her life was what struck a sympathetic cord in Nanoha to begin with.
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