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I wanted to give a bit more information on the story line that takes place with Minea and such. For the actual characters (Nanoha, Fate, ect) I run on the idea of Nanoha x Fate (I am a NxF for life. >>) The ending of the main story (that begins after this Minea diary, but kept in the same type of format).

For some insider information on where Alexandria and Celesti are deployed at, the facility is run from the shadows by Celesti. Through black mail, bribes, torture, and even holding families hostage, she has a strangle hold grip on what happens there. The facility has been known to have officers and commanders vanish in the middle of the night or the day without a trace of them ever being there. Their homes emptied, offices emptied and occupied, and even others standing in to act as the missing officers. These odd occurrences will bring in the future love interest of Minea.

Spoiler for Constance Gale Lantus:

My idea behind this character was to find someone who could be an opposite of Minea's side when her family isn't around. When the disappearances and reports from the Facility start to become too strange, she is sent in to discovery what is going on there. I plan to make her Minea's love interest, but with Vanissa as her step sister... That may be a bit hard... I'm having a bit of a block for today's Minea's Diary so I'll hold off for that until tomorrow.
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