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Illustrated Instructions on How to Vote

All times below in Japan Standard Time
(Please check with your corresponding timezone

In order to vote, you would need a code.

- Codes are generated on every match day from 23:31 of the previous day to 23:03 of the match day itself.

- No code will be generated from 23:04-23:30 as time is spent for counting the votes.

- Each code is only valid for the the above times of that match day (see illustration below)

1. First head to the homepage of the tournament

2. The link will take you to the following page, follow each link for the corresponding page

3. After clicking the link for the code, another page will appear to prompt you to confirm

4. This is the code generating page, and now we wait till the time as designated on the page below (this image is just an example)

5. Now you have a code up and ready

6. Once you get your code, pick your favoured candidates from the candidate list

7. Find the appropriate voting thread to vote in

8. Enter the appropriate stuff in your post

9. That's it, you're done.

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