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Yay! Finally I finished this. You'll see why it took so long. There are references scattered all around the place... but they should all be easy to spot. I'm not as crazy as Kha.

Lots of Bluecheesium here, though not as much as others.

Well, hope you like it.

Oh, yeah, a small warning, there are a lot of pictures here. I wanted to include many more, but I was afraid some of you might complain.


Part 1 can be found here.

Spoiler for Special Episode 01 - Part 3:

Spoiler for Disclaimer:

Spoiler for Special Episode 01 - Part 4:

Spoiler for Special Episode 01 - Part 5:

Apologies for the use of so many pictures. I just pay a lot of attention to some details, especially presentation.

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