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Hopefully not a repost:

UBW is a very powerful thing

Panel 1:
Giameshl: Are you prepared?
Panel 2:
Shirou: Huh?

Panel 3:
Gilgamesh: Even with your reality is impossible to trace an object that's more powerful than its parent.
Panel 4:
Shirou: You won't know unless you fight! Old man!

Panel 5:
Gil's eye: Grrrr

Panel 6
Gate of Babylon!

Pangel 7:
Unlimited Blade Works!!
Shirou: Let's see how you're going to bring out the parent of this toy!

CaptionMade in ZAFT. Zankenken(ship slashing blade) S.E.
Length: 25metre
Production date: CE/73

(Arrow: This is Shirou)

Final panel:
This is Gilgamesh.
(The HG war, a story about people disappearing in a flash)

Side caption: The reason Gilgamesh lost is because he didn't watch gu**am.

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