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Whew we!! Well, so everyone knows I didn't die for two days. I apologize for no updates as well over the last two days. While I was writing the first third of the new chapter of Minea's Diaries I suddenly came to a realization. I had no plot for the first section! I had a plot for #2 when Division Six enters but not for the year before that! For the last two days I wracked my brain, mindlessly slaughtered enemies in Elder Scrolls 4, and looked at Nanoha x Fate hentai until my mind went numb to come up with a plot and I got it! I have to say, the plot for the first episode that I'm writing is something I think you all will enjoy. And now, without further ado, Minea' Diaries Part 5 #1.

Spoiler for Minea's Diaries Part 5 #1 Caution. Long.:
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