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Hmmm....... is it just me or is the server having bad day?

I'll be doing some previews & teasers.

Spoiler for Diary of a Windtalker:

Oh, look. Our shota Hikki has gone naughty and grabs Nanoha's dress.

Hint! Hint! Beach episode with full of fan services and nosebleeding action!

Spoiler for new character for The Gemini Sisters, Season 2:

Looks like Takeru's harem is growing again.


Heh, interesting scenarios with Hikki there...wonder how he got turned into shota-form, though...

And another new character for Gemini Sisters, hm? Looks like Takeru's going to get another "fan".

And now, I have decided to take my first step into character creation. It's an AU design, but...*braces self for Ion Canon blast.*

Spoiler for For size:

Little reference to Frieda, there.
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