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Whew!! I gotta say, whenever I come up with a story to write I have no problem starting it off or ending it. It's the middle that always gets me. Here's the next part of Minea's diaries for everyone to enjoy. Heh, I realized that right now there is only one male character in my stories... And he doesn't say much. I have considered add ZERO male characters except for Judas but I realized that alienating main male characters might push the moe agenda too much. The main villain for the first and second section is male. I'll have his character profile up soon once I introduce him and finish thinking over his mind set.

Something to look forward to will be Alexandria's five chosen for her unit. Their uniforms match exactly to Alexandria's uniform. Each of them, once their wills and minds were broken by Alexandria's training, went separately to meet with Celesti for special implants and preparation for using their Devices.

One last note, the Device Attachment that Minea designed is both an alternative to the cartridge unit or an addition. Three to five Magnifying glass shape lens disperse from the user's weapon acting in one of three functions, binds, barriers, or enhancing a spell. This allows the user to cast one normal spell, and a low level spell at the same time.

Spoiler for Minea's Diaries #4 Part 2:
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