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Erio, here's my List. Notice all the new characters. :D

Tale of the Thousand Cross

"1000 Realities... Infinite Possibilities..."

Mahou Seinen Gotteliches Kha, Hashinzuru!


New Belka Chronicles ~StrikerS~

Arcs involved

- Strike Lightning
- Crosys
- Leryk
- I-n's
- Kha's Counterattack


Saint Church

The 21ste Dreifaeltigkeiten Optimum

Click on the Card if you want to know more.

Click on the Card if you want to know more.
- Skill Summary
- Belka Noble Illusions (4/7)

Click on the Card if you want to know more.

Click on the Card if you want to know more.

Click on the Card if you want to know more.

The above ID cards were made courtesy of LoweGear! Your astounding work will forever be appreciated!

Stahlritter: The 4 Heavenly Kings of the Libram

- Super Device Type-X Altered Stahlpreios

- Lord Saber, Sakura Zaki
+ Sakura's various Knight Armor forms
- Lord Avenger, Alaeith
- Lord Berserker, Kamina
- Lord Caster, Aska


- Sakurazaki the Chibi

- Nagato Mach Zwei

- Misaki

- Linda Zwei

Licht von Belka

- Pte. Yoshi Krueger
- Pte. Kamahl Vidan
- Pte. Amuro Gray
- Pte. Yui Hiro
- Pte. Zhang Wudi

Adeptae Belkarum

- Sakurai Yagami

- Illyasviel von Einzbern
- Leysritt & Sella (Tsukaima)

- Caren Garcia, Carim's younger sister

- Canoness/Setra Kassboer
- Natsuki Krueger
- Shizuru Viola
- Mai Tohkiha
- Haruka Armitage
- Juliet Nao Zhang

- Yukariko Steinberg
- Shiho Huit, the Spinner
- Mikoto, the Cat with 9000 Lives

- Keira Yamato
- Arthura Zara
- Asuka Shinryu

Saint Guard

- The Secret Army
- Colonel (Paladin) Ishida Uryuu
- Menos-Captain Sanders MacDonald

Church Knights' Circle

- Das'la, the Guiding Light (Naaru)

~For When It Absolutely Positively Has To Be Destroyed Right Now!~

- Col. Gard Redel
- Pte. Gilliam Ivers Johnston "G.I. Joh."
- Pte. Cona Holmes


- Xealot

- Taiga Fujimura, the Tiger Cook, Yzak Base
- Issei "Keshi" Ryuudoo, Chief Clerk, Yzak Base
- Soichiro Kael'thas, Weapons Systems Coordinator, Yzak Base

- Hayate von Braunmühl, Artei's father
- Nagi von Braunmühl, Artei's mother

- Touareg Volks, Kha's father
- Kia Alexei, Kha's mother

- Moriyama Yamada, Eta Priest
- Elaine Scagletti/Rider
- Clow Reed
- Zelretch


Imperial Belka Army
- Skane Lives! (An intro to him and the Imperial Velka Army)
- General Scarlet
- The Shadowfang Trinity

- Barons
- Viscounts
- Dukes

- Caster
- Avenger

Nanoha/Hollow Ataraxia ~6th Division~

- Corporal Kha Volks
- Sophia Tohkiha
- Yagami Sakurai
- Elaine Scagletti
- Sakura Zaki
- Illyasviel von Einzbern

Twist's Fate ~Nanoha Must Die~

The Rebellion

- Kha Aznable/"Solo Wing Zero"/Galaxy Commander Thomas Kluize
- Lutecia Scagletti, Princess of Tarrasque
- Death Knight Zest Zombolt
- Garyuu the Dreadlord
- Agito, Demon Fire General

First Encounter Crisis Force 6 (Formerly LPRF6)

- Nakajima Subaru, Type-Evoluder
- Teana Lanster, Wildarms Master
- Caro lu Rushie, Princess of Voltaire
- Erio Mondial, the Last Cleric-knight

The Belka Crusade

- Demon Prince Jail Scagletti, the Lich King
- The Lazarus, the Undead Numbers


- Primarch Vivio, Chaplain of the Ultramoerines.
- Warfactory Mitoraum Module "Cradle"


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoka
~Furthera Magica~

First RespONse Team (FRONT), Wind Squad

- Moriyama Nanoka, the Violet Angel
- Teresa Testarossa

Alliance of the Piffle Princess

- Claire-Marie Eugenie de Kluize, the Moonlight Butterfly
- Hoshikawa Rina Miharu


Throne of Heroes ~Destiny's Shadow~

- Thomas Kluize
- Character Bio part 2
- Anna Wayne
- Si Fong
- Kirche
- Linda Lin
- Riviera AKA "The Flying Dutchman"


1.0.0 - List up and running! Looking/Shopping for more pictures.

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