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Oh yes! I'm feeling it tonight! Let's kick it up, a new arc has been unlocked!

New Belka Chronicles
~ Leryk ~

Funny how a relatively quiet arc got one of my most commonly used theme of HOTBLOODED COOLNESS! Without further ado, here's the video for visualization.

Spoiler for IGNITED!:

Now for the main course:

Spoiler for A Sudden Arrival pt. 1:

Spoiler for A Sudden Arrival pt 2:
I'll be continuing this some other time. Next entry will be a time skip - Duel!
Spoiler for Battle of Prayer pt 1:

Preview Next Snippet:

Spoiler for Fate, what are you thinking?:

Fate-chan? Are you all right?

For the other arcs, they can be found here:

StrikerS, MC 0071

- Strike Lightning
- CrosyS
- Leryk
- I-n's
- Kha's Counterattack

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