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~~~New intelligence data updated~~~

Here it is fella. Kha's All the OC Thread's Fanon Timeline!

Spoiler for Nanoha timeline : Spoilers till Latest Episode:

Ok that's about it for me. Extensively copypasta'd from Nighty's post, even kept his comments.

I'll edit it when I think of more things to be included.

Legend for Creators

Nighty - Black (Originator)
Kha - Blue
LoweGear - Teal
Aaron008R - Navy
An Hero in Disguise - Orange
Stormtumoil - Gray
KBTKaiser - Green


Patch 1.1.0 - Added Lowe's contributions. Recolored my entries to Blue.
Patch 1.2.0 - Added Aaron008R's contributions. Updated legend. Ran out of time. Will do the others later.

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