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Nice timeline there, Kha! I can only wonder how further things will turn out, what with StrikerS yet to finish and the planning of Kha's Counterattack and all. Good work, good sir.

@ Erio: Seems like those opponents you depicted aren't to be taken lightly. I've taken a liking to Oswald- I like his attitude somewhat. Though, he took out Ash pretty swiftly...not one to be messed with.

And now, after taking my time, I have made in-depth (somewhat) bios of the first 10 letters, a brief history of how they were formed, and one other you might remember from a while back...

Spoiler for Letter Bios (A-I), and creation:

Spoiler for V:

I know that V might confuse you for "Number Five", but the quartet of Numbers that attacked him were Uno, Due, Tre and Cinque. V was a nickname he gave himself.

Please tell me if there are any problems, and I shall soon rectify them, hopefully.
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