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Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post

Goes to show just how close they are.
As a finale interaction scenario, I tried making the discussion slightly random but spontaneous for a natural feel.
From sekuhara to Hayate's Guilt and Martyr complexes.

And about Aurion's weird speech about himself, more will be revealed later with Nanoha and the other Aces.

EDIT: The last parts sound better when listening to Kana Ueda's 'Anata ga Kureta Sora', track 6 from the A's 3rd Sound Stage.

Take it away, Nighty!
I'll go with Au-occhan.
You know, I'm tempted to do Erio's

But all in all, wonderfully written. I also like how it's all the more plausible since the anime skips tons of Hayate's development in favor of the original 2, so it makes extra father figures seem nice.

After all...she thirst for-*radio static*

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Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
@ Nightengale's Freedom Drive: to think it would have a female humanoid form.... a tragic-yet-cute girl, too.....
Freedom Drive is only those wings, which are "Reactor Purged" from the Striker Drive.

Akira's fighting principle when using his upper-drives technique without his eye-h4xx is even the swarm of bees can overcome a bear.

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Like I said in the Fanfic thread, THIS IS AWESOME!!!
And... Who are those three? Jail's daughters? To be led by Loli-Jail?!?!
All those 3 will be...reasonably old. And like said, Zerria is male. His name sounds female because Jail sealed away his real given name.

Expect... their mothers...

Originally Posted by Erio View Post
You wanna do a Akira/Dranac vs Druggies battle? The problem is that your guys are on the Claudia... I dont know why, but I doubt Chrono will get any action. He'll probably arrive when its all over.


Though for a moment I thought he was really going to "check" Tre and Deed...

Well, to be fair...there was the prophecy line of "sinking ships..."

And it'd be anti-climatic really, for Cradle to go down without showing it's TRUE POWAH.


You know, I wrote check Tre TO Deed...which means checking all 10 sisters except Uno and Due...

Originally Posted by Erio View Post
I see... Well, Nighty if you were planning to use the Freedom-H4xx for Akira, go right ahead. Orga's Relic just happens to contain a duplicate of that ability, and Akira might be the one (and only one most likely) who actually inherited the real ability.

I see. My other OCs are probably not considered "enemies," huh?

And letme point you to the paragraph we were hoping you'd notice:

With his Relic Ability, Full Burst Mode, Orga can devastate entire armies in very little time. At lower levels of the Relic’s activation he can lock onto up to 50 targets and shoot up to 6 targets at once, while at high levels of activation he is able to lock onto up to 65,536 targets and shoot up to 12 targets at once.

Akira's Freedom-Drive not that h4xx! Okay, his Limit Break is, but he can only use it TWICE. We'll see. I'll introduce more aspects of the brothers later.

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Chotto! An extra feature instead of just SEED mode?!??!
No extra feature. There will be no SEED, just that eye power.

One of the eye's power...Quantum Theorem.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
[So does it have a machinegun, pistol rack and bazooka as standard?
Nah, just 3 functions as a cross blade/shuriken (Sword Strike), cross blaster(Launcher) and its regular form which is something like a Nirvash Board/Goblin Glider on its own.

That of course, only applies to Striker Drive. Once he goes Senbon Zakura on Striker Drive to Freedom...oops, spoiler?


Anyway, here it is. Akira and Dranac's first profile, which is a rough gist on what they're capable of...on paper. I'll get to their characterization, devices, and h4xx in due time.

Spoiler for Akira/Dranac Part I:

I'll touch on other aspects later. For now, teasers and images of device...not complete of course.

Spoiler for teaser:

Spoiler for Korosu=no=Yamato Striker Mode:

Spoiler for Hyperion=Break:
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