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~Night of Gales~
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First of the three.

~“The blood does not lie after all. Even unaware, their soul craves for the desire in them.”

“Because in them lies my blood, the blood of Al-Hazard.”

“Even if I am denied, the bloodline shall continue towards that dream.”

“That is the fate of those who carries the will of Al-Hazard.”

“It is only a matter of time…”

“Back then, I sealed everything that relates them to myself, and sent those children to the world alone, with nothing but my farewell gift, to become their own successors, and not just another me…”

“If they fail, they’re not worthy of being the children of Al-Hazard, not worthy of being my children, but if they live, then…”

“They will be an threshold to the my happy dreams, our happy dreams.”~

Spoiler for First Child:

Spoiler for Zerria Scaglietti:

Juliet coming soon.

Spoiler for Juliet and Type Digamma?:

I did say....similarities...
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