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Glad you guys/girls like it. Hope the empty left isn't to bothersome. I see some people organizing there icons. And place them somewhere else. But i always keep them there.

Originally Posted by innominate View Post
Here are a few pointers if you don't mind:
Spoiler for =):
MMm what shadow of her shoes? Unless your talking about the lines on the bottom of her shoe. those are vectors. And your right about the uneven hairline. The one i notice most was the one at the back of her head. Fixed it now. But there is probably a lot more wrong, like the lines at the left being thicker than the right ones. And i'm surprise you noticed the eye, i bet it was konata left eye that gave it away. But yea your right, there made of a top and bottom. Would of been better in one trace, would of saved me work to ^^ Thanks for your feedback. i'll remember them should i be prepared to trow away my sanity again.

Made some minor fixes. And added some to the wallpaper... Hope it feels less empty than before... Hope it's better than before.

Second try... Bit silly of me not to include the original pic ofc... The original pic used for trace




Wallpaper 1680x1050

Wallpaper 1600x1200

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