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Originally Posted by An Hero in Disguise View Post
OK, the disposition is clear. Other Aces and most probably many other OCs shall also be there as that's going to be a battle around the plot's finale.

Maybe this all will be enough to match a Royal Legion (BTW to make it unnecessary to count - the number of Daemons in it is somewhat below 6 billion).

As long as Allison isn't somewhere in another world it's alright Will she be actively traveling with Kha during the whole plot before it eventually leads to Raxephon?
Not really. The Testarossa family (Kha, Fate, Erio, Caro, Allison, Hiro, and I think 2 other orphans by then. ) may be all over the place, but they return home often enough to meet for dinner on most days.

But I suppose Allison and the Adeptae do drop by Raxephon often because they have to pick up supplies for the Convent periodically.

Also, Raxephon is not a typical Forge World; it's the last of the kind that used a work-life concept, and hence has beautiful natural parks and scenary lined with grand temples of gold. Think the Protoss homeworld, Aiur, before the Zerg came and defiled it. Thus it would also do well as a place of interest for the privileged few members of the public who could gain a visa to go onto the planet. This is another way to get Allison onto Raxephon.

A little trivia then:

Spoiler for Work-life Forge Worlds:

Originally Posted by An Hero in Disguise View Post
@Kha: do we take care of Kluize here as mentioned earlier?
Supposedly, yes. I need to reveal the last clue of the puzzle that would come from Kluize just before then.

Originally Posted by Satty View Post
New OC and antagonist, I think he'll be sorta h4xx'ed

Spoiler for Sion:
That's regeneration maximus! Someone can regrow faster than Kha by several times!

An unkillable assassin... Chances are, he is just a bundle of circuitry living in a shell of flesh, and so anything short of a severe blow to the hidden circuits won't kill him. Nice throwing knife techniques!

@An Hero: In Civil War, Wolverine had all of his flesh burned off in a blast, but he still managed to regen back to full health. I saw Sion as that kind of regeneration, and from his laughing off a headshot, I believe one has to grind all of him to meat to kill him.
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