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finished with lance's profile

Name: Azuma-Lance
Nick Name: Lance
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: *unknown*
Homeworld: *Same as Blade*
Occupation/Rank: Former TSAB officer, Dr. Jail's Accomplice *villain*
Unit: N/A
Mage Rank: SS *multi attacker*
Magic Type: *Same as Blade*
Magic Circle Color: *Same as Blade*
Favored Element: Multi Magic spells
Height: Around 5'8
Weight: About 130-146 pounds
Hair: Long, Silver hair
Eye Color: Red
Build: Athletic and surprisingly flexible.
Device Name: Chaos
Device Form: Necklace
Device Appearance: Large Twin Saber
Barrier Jacket Forms:

Burst Form (Black)- Lance's Default Barrier Jacket. The Burst Form gives lance a speed increased to the maximum *Same as Fate's Sonic Form* and enables him to perform a multiple attacks with his Large twin saber.

*Limiter Released* Soul Form (Gray)- The Soul Form allows Lance's large twin sword to act as an sheild to nullify every enemy attacks and also reflects directly back at them but it costs half of lance's offence.

*Limit Break* Astral Form (Shining silver)- Lance's Final Form. The Astral Form gives all of lance's abillities a massive increase in power, as well as raising his speed and defence but risking the users life.
Attacks Spells:

Soul Ripper: Lance's basic attack, which channels his energy through his saber, and is powerful enough to tear apart anything, making it easy for him to rip his enemies in half.

Bakuryūha: *This only works. if lance uses it's Astral form* Lance combines it's strong magic and it's soul ripper to create 2 enormous twisters that sucks the foes power into the twister and forces it to flow backwards. The wind and the power twist together into a vortex, pushing it backwards and the enemy is attacked in its own magic force and might combined with his soul ripper attack.

Raigeki: Lance slams his fist into the ground unleashing a Massive Ray Storm with a range within 720m Radius around him.

Hell and Heaven: *Same as Blade but lance uses it's large twin sabers to perform*

Lance has been considered a genius since a young age, graduating at the top of his TSAB Academy class at age 7, attaining initial activation and mastery of it's Berserker by age 8, and becoming a TSAB Officer at age 10. These accomplishments led the members of the Azuma clan to think of Lance as the clan's strongest member and, in turn, the clan's future. Lance's father, Azuma Fugaku, was the biggest proponent of this idea and focused much of his effort into bettering Lance's career and status within TSAB. Because of his focused attention on Lance, Fugaku paid little attention to his other son, Azuma Blade. As a result of this neglect, Blade attempted to win his father's attention by somehow outdoing Lance. Lance would often offer to help Blade train to accomplish this goal, though he never lived up to his promises. To compensate for this, Lance tried to force their father to spend time with Lance by refusing to carry out his other tasks unless his father complied. While Fugaku did so, much of the time he spent with Blade was still focused around Lance, and Blade continued to desire his father's attention.

At the age of 13, Lance became a squadron leader of the TSAB special force. After joining the TSAB special forces, however, Lance began to ignore his assignments and at the same time became a prime suspect in the death of Shisui Azuma. While Shisui had been a good friend of Lance and had appeared to commit suicide, the clan began to suspect the suicide was faked and that Lance killed Shisui. As this lack of faith began to spread, Lance began to distance himself from the clan, attacking its members when provoked and voicing his opinion that the clan itself was hopeless. As a result, the relationship between it's father and lance became estranged, and Fugaku started spending his time training Blade in an attempt to steer him away from following in Lance's footsteps. Just as Blade began to receive the attention he so yearned for, he returned home one day to find that Lance had killed every member of the clan. When questioned why he murdered their entire family, Lance replied that it was "to test his ability", though he felt that Blade was not worth killing. Before leaving he encouraged Blade to live a life of hate and get strong enough to defeat him and avenge the clan. To help in this regard, Lance told Blade of how to gain the Berserker: one must simply kill his or her closest friend, just as he had done to Shisui.


Lance is a relatively emotionless character, rarely becoming troubled by anything and finding the goings on in the world around him to be of little significance and has a "smart and cold" personality, and knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to achieve his goals.When put into a battle situation he dislikes wasting time or making the fight more complicated than necessary, instead finishing it or accomplishing his business as soon as possible. During the battle itself he finds little interest in his opponent, instead regarding them as a mere inconvenience. When he returns to TSAB for the first time after killing his clan, however, he expresses his wishes to not fight the TSAB, instead hoping to avoid a needless and drawn out battle. Lance's only noticeable interest is in Dr. Jail's goals, putting the Dr. Jail's ambition a success and secrecy before everything else. As such, Lance gets along with, Dr. Jail much better than most other Numbers do with their own partners, in fact, has a deep loyalty to Lance, immediately doing as he instructs and constantly looking out for his well-being. Lance treats all of Dr. Jail's Numbers to this same, more respectful and agreeable personality, though his courtesy is rarely returned by the other members


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