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Age: 27
Name: Miria Hasser
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: December 12
Homeworld: Midchilda (northern region)
Relatives: Sief Hasser (father), Alera Shi’are (mother, missing), Arc Hasser (younger brother)
Occupation/Rank: TSAB, Private
Unit: Section 6
Code Name: Riot-2
Mage Rank: B
Magic Type: Mid-Childa
Magic Circle Color: Blue
Favored Element: Water/Ice
Area of Expertise: Support
Height: Around 5'6
Weight: About 110lbs
Hair: Long and blue
Eye Color: Purple
Build: Willowy
Personality: Gentle, stubborn (unforgiving and ruthless while playing cards).

Device Name: Aurora Weave
Device Appearance: Scepter
Barrier Jacket: Blue robes

Background: Miria is the eldest child of Sief Hasser and Alera Shi’are. Alera, a healing mage of considerable fame and talent, disappeared on Miria’s fifth birthday. Alera left behind a pair of earrings, a large tome filled with spells and notes on healing, and her intelligent device, Aurora Weave. However, much to Miria’s dismay, her mother had deleted the parts of AW’s memory that could potentially reveal her motives. Determined, Miria took care of her father (Sief, a talented mechanic, was quite absent-minded, and would often forget to eat) and her little brother, and studied her mother’s notes.

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