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Okay... I'll try this again This time I'll make it slightly less formal

(Blah! It's too exhausting, you people aren't idiots, you can figure out the rest of what each weapon does from their names! If not, I've all day... )

TSAB Supreme Air Force (Take 2)

House Atreides has long been able to boast the greatest air power of the 6 great houses, so it's no surprise they were tasked with rebuilding a new age of superior aerial machines.

With the advantage of the free energy 'Magic', several technologies that were thought to be unattainable were now spread throughout their military. Pulse weapons, Plasma energy, particle beams... All made reality, and because these were powered by magic, it's all still legal.

(Another advantage is that magic weapons do not require all of space, hence more could be attached to a machine as long as there's the energy to power them all.)

The Air force has two main division, the 'Aggressors' handle all the heavy air combats, also known as the Skybreakers, and the 'Suppressors' handle all the defensive and support roles, also known as the Skyguards.

Atreides uses 3 basic spellcrafters on their 'birds'.

A generator to create bombs.
A missile crafter.
A Shooter engine.

Spoiler for Lets begin... Again :p :

Oh, one more thing.

Let it not be said that military people don't have fun. The men and women in the Supreme Air Force has even gotten themselves a theme song


Spoiler for Supreme Air Force's Theme Song :D:

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