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Righting that Nonsense about Clichés above seems to have triggered my urge to create a random half serious half comic character… so here the first bit of him, more may or may not follow as the mood strikes me.

Name: Felix Munro
Other names/alias: none.
Age: 36
Birthday: November 21
Height: 6 foot.
Weight: 170 Pounds
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Origin: Administered World 167
Mage Rank: S, no limiters.
Magic Type: Mid-Childa
Magic Color: Green
Element Preference: none
Affiliation: Independent, but currently under contract with the TSAB.

Device name: Murru
Device type: Intelligent Device fitted with a cartridge system.
Appearances and overviews:
Storage: A spiffy sand colored beret, very stylish and color coordinated with his current uniform.
(Others as I think of them, its about the char right now, not his wicked cool moves)

Device Personality: A stereotypic (more like racist) Australian male, watching all those croc hunter reruns the night before activating the thing might not have been such a great idea… Also extremely found of the word “crikey”, and using Beauty as a noun while constantly referring to Felix as “Bruce.” The first year with the thing was pure hell, the next 20 or so were more like purgatory, actively unpleasant, but not quite torture.

Excerpt from Interview Conducted by Magic News.Net Website Author Atuwe Bilford.
Felix Munro by his own account really dose hate his life, his mother wanted him to be an accountant, butbeing the rebel youth he was he decided he’d show her! He was going to be a big shot mage rich, powerful, and with women galore! 20 years on with a string of minor crimes and several months in prison, too many attempts on his life to count, constantly scrapping to make ends meet, wandering from planet to planet living in one slum after another, and still single he says that accounting job is starting to like kind of appealing…

“Yeah but it won’t work, I can see it now…”

Spoiler for Civilian Life:

“Being a Mage is allot like joining the Mob, once you get in you can never get out, alive anyway. People think being a freelance mage must be so awesome and glamorous, but the holo-dramas never show the part were no one needs a mage, you’ve got no money from paying all the damage claims against you so you can barely eat for a couple weeks, and then you get kicked out the rat hole your land lord is passing off as an apartment for missing your rent and end up living in a car and working at a Burger Queen for 3 months to keep from staving, ‘Would you like fries or onion rings with that?’ .“

“He used me to clean toilets…” Murru grumbled in a thick accent.

“And those where the cleanest toilets this side of Proxima; at least you were good for something; because you sure as hell weren’t keeping me feed.” Felix shot back.

“A poor craftsmen blames his tools, Bruce.” The mage attempted to glare up at the beret atop his head, looking more stupid then anything for the attempt.

“But seriously parents don’t let you kids grow up to be mages, beat them, abuse them, tie them up if you have to, but for their own good just keep their dumbasses in school!” Felix continued now patently ignoring his unruly headdress.

You could just join the TSAB, probably got right into the officer ranks…

“The TSAB? Pfft no thanks! I nearly get killed enough dealing with small time rouges and mostly normal thugs, last thing I need is to go rumble with a bunch of cyborgs and “ancient relics of great power” or other such nonsense. My life my suck, but I still like living thanks.”

One might point out the same people that would be giving him orders under the above arrangement are already doing so now, thanks to a horribly blunder contract negotiation.

“I would have done better if that damn chick hadn’t been distracting me with her gorgeous---“

ANYWAY, bottom line is he’s pretty much the TSAB’s bitch already and got shafted big time.

“But only because I was preoccupied thinking about giving someone else a different sort of shaft…”

Moving on.

Still given your situation why not just join up you’d be paid better and possibly be able to attain real rank and power?

“Because I’m acutally kind of powerful, but as a merc I’m viewed as sort of unreliable so I get assigned the small stuff, things where I can’t do any real damage IE stuff that’s pretty safe, but the minute I go pro my ass would be off to the front lines. So really barring some absurdly unlikely disaster I basiclly just do what I used to do expect now even when I’m not actively working I still get a small stipend. Things are pretty good right now acutally no one has tried to kill me in months, I’m acutally living in a apartment that isn’t suffering from any of the biblical plagues, and I got laid the other day, life is good.

Update: This interview was recorded just before the recent series of devastating terrorist attacks…
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