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Originally Posted by LoweGear

Man, Felix is pure GOLD The cranky lowlife living on the rocks, garnering dirt, non-living and living alike, on the way Now wondering why he didn't just trade Crocodile Hunter Murru for another device... or maybe he can't afford to do so
Well that as the reasons for the first 10 or so years until finally he came into enough money (albeit it briefly) to have replaced it, but despite his assertions he isn’t totally heartless and it seemed wrong to just toss out something/one that had been with him through so much… Or he might have lost all the money in a law suite before he could finish picking out all the features he was going to install on his totally wicked new device, maybe a bit of both.

Originally Posted by LoweGear
Also, wonder who the woman he wanted to "shaft" was

His current boss (awwwwkward…) no one canon though, may or may not get a character sheet at some point.

Originally Posted by Aaron008R
Interesting character. He really gives of a, "Life is good when it's good and sucks when it sucks." attitude. By the way, what does Murru look like in combat mode?
I haven’t really decided he’s going to be a bombardment type mage, so it will probably end up being some sort of gun, but I haven’t decided quite what kind yet. I just felt the urge to write the character skills and powers are secondary to me though I am working on them.

I like this guy's cowboy style! Explains why he's doing merc work. Looking forward to seeing his interactions with the others.
Was going more for a “down on his luck PI” kind of vibe, but certain classes of cowboy could work too.

Hmmm the above gives me an idea too. *Considers making device look like a classic .38 caliber revolver, it has the cartridge cylinder and everything…*

I think I'm beginning to like Murru's attitude persona already. Nothing beats an Aussie-speaking Device that always begins its speeches with "crikey" :3
I’m rather fond of it too, it was sort of a spur of the moment thing and the bit about the croc hunter is kind of a tongue and check forth wall reference. I was watching animal planet while I was writing it and Steve is back their wrasslin with this big ‘ol “Beauty of a croc!” and I wanted the device to be kind of ridiculous when contrasted with Felix and it just fit… so there you go.

And Thanks for the positive feedback and welcomes of crouse.

Anyway I got something more now it's a new guy ready for his tentative introduction though he was planned from the start since after all ever grizzled jaded veteran needs a perkier sidekick…

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