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Originally Posted by Erio View Post
W-Wait a sec, if we're talking about the same thing then...

*scratches head*

Well, here's how I first thought about it:

Regular Energy = Regular Magic
Dark Energy = Dark Magic, Chaos Magic, Shadow Magic
Light/Divine Energy = Light/Divine Magic

Dark and Chaos Magic draw power from different sources, even though they both use Dark Energy, and that's why they are different.

However, even so, a regular human being exposed to Dark Energy (from whatever source that may be) will be consumed by it... You could say that Dark Energy is chaotic in nature for those who are not used to it (everyone in the material world, basically).

That's the "Energy" part. What I was trying to differentiate is Dark and Chaos Magic. You could say that they are both different schools of Magic that use Dark Energy, much like Mid-Childa and Belka.

I always thought of Dark Magic to be stable, much like current Magic, just that it uses another source of Energy. Dark Magic specializes in draining spells, debuffs...your typical Dark Knight.

Then there is Chaos Magic, which comes from the Immaterium and the Chaos Gods. This type of Magic is known to be chaotic in nature and unstable. You guys know more about this type of Magic than me. From just thinking about Mai's profile, Chaos Magic specializes in chaotic illusions, unstable summons... unstable stuff in general.

Now that that is explained, the discussion earlier was more because I didnt like the way Light completely pwns Dark, where, since they are polar opposites, they should basically neutralize each other, if the powers are equal.

Explaining it would be a bit hard, since that game didnt really go through it in detail. While the game used "Shadow Knight", you could easily mistake it for "Dark Knight", though.

What do you have in mind?
Other than a few minor point changes that link the Schattenjaeger to the Quera, it is exactly as you said. Even the skills of the Schattenjaeger are similar to your Shadow/Dark Knight, but they forbid themselves from certain skills like draining life because that's going against the reason why they became Schattenjaeger. However, when it comes to the crunch, they can use those Forbidden skills.

We also agree on Light VS Dark. Pure Light and Dark energies are like 2 waves of the same amplitude in anti-phase; they cancel out one another. It is what you did to process the energy do they start reacting violently. An example is how Light penetrates Chaos but only nullifies Shadow to normal mana, but I don't think this can be explained in wave mechanics anymore, for that's where it becomes magic...
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