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Originally Posted by Erio
Knights of Ragnatosk... is that the actual name? Search yielded 0 results...

GRAW 2 is fun, but I still prefer R6: Vegas.
Heh yeah that is good, I play that one on the PC though (if I can get either or, I prefer PC) coop is my favorite mode. Though some people’s selection of attire to engage in gun battles is questionable…

I’ll be sitting in the chopper preparing to assault a terrorist controlled hotel in this…

Spoiler for My Set up:

And the guy on the bench across from me is in this…

Spoiler for Dufus:

Talk about killing the mood…

Also more random profile/fan fic material.

Spoiler for Felix's Contining Adventures in parenting...:

Forgot this bit…

Originally Posted by LoweGear
Ever ambigious reasons, if I didn't know better I'd say he was... tsundere?

Well anything is possible I suppose and he dose have a few of the needed bits.

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