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Originally Posted by Erio View Post
Ah, I am not trying to merge Dark and Shadow Knights--I meant that in that game the difference was almost nonexistent, as you could mistake one for the other. However, I'm interested in your idea of introducing Shadow Magic. Do you have anything planned for that? If you give me an idea, I can probably think of something.

About how "Light nullifies Shadow to normal mana"... I think this is what Lowe was talking about proper terminology and semantics. Your idea suggests that there is "Shadow Energy"... I understand your way of thinking, though...

I consider Dark/Chaos/Shadow Magics to be schools of Magic powered by Dark Energy. In other words, different ways of using the same Energy. (Think Dungeons & Dragons, where there are a lot of schools of magic: Alteration, Conjuration, Divination, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation, etc) (Another good example is Mid-Childa and Belka. They are schools of Magic powered by Regular Energy)

BTW, I forgot to mention, for this theory of Dark and Chaos Magic differences to work, we need another plane of existence beside the Immaterium, as the Immaterium is known to be chaotic in nature. In my fanon, I do have this other plane (and even another one) to encompass this way of thinking.
Nothing major other than definition has been planned for this school of dark energy magic. And there is such a thing as dark energy in the material realm, which is produced by dark matter. I'll leave the full explanation of that to stormturmoil.

That's the reason why I don't use the term "Dark Energy", but "shadow mana" to refer to "dark energy".

I agree that there could be different schools utilizing shadow mana. And it's better to have several schools with great differences for shadow as compared to divine where all schools are essentially reinterpretations of the same thing. This IMO is an analogy of there being only One Truth but Inifinite Lies...

Now this is going to scare you: Both the Naaru and Quera exist in the Immaterium, along with all the various permutations of Chaos. As I've defined before, "the Naaru and Quera are autotrophic beings of the Immaterium".

As mana works in reverse entropy, divine mana and shadow mana produced stay clumped together within the respective Naaru or Quera instead of leaking and mixing with the surrounding. As such, "Paradise" is a consecrated congregated reality within all Naaru, and "Hell" with all Quera. There's always space for everyone, since outside of the material realm space does not behave in the "normal" sense and infinity can fit into a coin-sized Naaru, if there is such a small Naaru.

Definition of Divine Mana: Mana produced by Naaru. It's nature is perfectly lawful.

Definition of Shadow Mana: Mana produced by Quera. It's nature is perfectly chaotic, even more than daemonic energies, such that it has absolutely no will of its own.

The implication of this is that when tappers of divine mana, or shadow mana call for their powers, they establish a link with the Naaru/Quera and channel the mana from these beings directly.

That's where the problem arises. For Quera, they are so chaotic that the link, without proper stabilization, with degrade instantly, becoming useless.

For the Schattenjaeger, they get around it by a remarkable discovery of Seiou-sama: Lyrical magic. Lyrical magic promotes harmony of systems, and is used as a stabilizing factor in many of the Belka's techniques, including making impossible combining devices possible, and the Schattenjaeger stablize the link with it, often with runic songs or devices that work like portable music players. You can tell a Schattenjaeger from a mile away by the fact that he resebles an iPod advert: a almost completely black armored Knight with a white rectangular device. (LOL)

The lazy Dark Clergy instead of learning a sceond magic school simply turn to another shadow energy source, the Chaos, which they can draw from, but like all free lunches, there's a catch. A very BIG catch.

The really powerful Cleric-knights and Schattenjaeger use Lyrical magic to stabilize both Light and Shadow, allowing them to wield both magics at the same time... Sounds familiar?

Use of Lyrical Magic in a strange sense is once again done hopefully with courtesy of LoweGear...

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We had a deal regarding Hayate's Sakura-likeness, deshou?

Sakura. Who'se role Kha gave to Hayate. But then we had a deal that she was saved from such treatment by Touareg and Kha when she was small... So she NEVER got raped.

*preps Astranagant*

Right, Kha?
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