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Originally Posted by Saint X View Post
It's coming... And Kha's a lot better prepared than the last time he got dragged into a war.

Originally Posted by Dream_Traveller View Post
Alright, to heck with fatigue. Here's a brief bio on two of the characters I have in store...agents for Scaglietti who are working with him and the Numbers. These are very brief, so expect more in-depth stuff later.

Spoiler for Designs:
I designed them to be enemy opposites or so to Teana and said, the bios are brief, very. But feedback is appreciated.
Despite being opposites, these are more powerful, and serve different strategems in a team.

And Jail's getting a lot of allies recently. No wonder the Regional Guard got thrashed first and after that got so tied up that no supposrt could be given to Riot 6...

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Will catch up to this massive backlog later, but first...

^ Lyrical magic to stabilize N/Q magic? Melike the idea, talk about spin-off ideas to an originally simple concept

Although that'll mean that... someone who can unearth the original Instruments of Blau Gotten and master them would be able to utilize the most powerful aspects of Naaru or Quera magic?

Lyrical magic was like the foundation of the Imperiallum, incorporated into many combat and non-combat systems, making them more stable and thus stronger. It is even rumored to have been in Seiou-sama's secret Raumritter Sentokijin creation process, reducing the chance of rejection of the mechanized parts as well as dysfunction to 0%; The best modern Type-0 sentokijin technology could only reduce it to 5%.

The combining weapons of the Licht von Belka were made possible only with Lyrical magic, eliminating the need for the extra energy that had to be provided by mana laser for DaiStahlMut to stablize its parts prior to combination. Stahlpreios is a notable example, needing no external energy source for combination and having minimal shielding for its dangerous Tronium engine.

There was a lament that is recorded in one of the tales of the Libram of Devotion, that when interpreted in modern terms mean that if only the heresy had not occured, Seiou-sama would've been able to complete a stabilized gravity engine able to be mass-produced, eliminating the need for toxic Tronium fields.

Therefore, anyone who picks up the Blau Gotten set won't become more powerful overnight, as it is just a foundation. But as long as they can find the ways to apply the Lyrical magic, they will find that their systems would function better and come very much closer to its maximum potential.

That said, yes a skilled Cleric-knight would be able to do just that. Such is the mark of an Ancient Belka Grand Marshal...

However, the thing about Lyrical magic is that all its needs is a song. Lyrical magic could be produced from anything; it just affects its quality. Fate has a passive talent for writing moving mental songs of Lyrical magic without being concious of it, allowing her to push herself closer to superhuman limits before side effects start showing, but she is unable to transmit this power...

Until recently. This is a central point in my upcoming arcs. One thing is needed before Lyrical magic songs can be projected in its purest form.

That's where Kha says, "I understand now. Mere righteousness, mere courage, mere strength, is not enough. You need..."

What is the missing ingredient?! :3
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