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I suspect that due to the ranking system, it has roughly the same overall combat coefficients (in the opinion of the personnel officer formalizing the allocation) as a battalion-level unit.
The structure of the unit makes it difficult to hold a credible reserve since it doesn't have a third unit equivalent to Stars/Lightning nor an equivalent to a heavy weapons company. There isn't enough transport to support a third ground maneuver element anyways. As it stands, there's no organic transport to move Stars and Lighting separately by air so even those can't really be treated as independent maneuver elements. Using the Aces separately from the forwards makes for unbalanced combat groups which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it makes RF6 more unwieldy when its commander is already found wanting.

It would be more difficult to use a true triangular unit so inappropriately as has been demonstrated in the show. It kind of makes you wonder what kind of base TOE RF6 is using or if it is using any at all.

Which kind of makes one shudder. If the combat coefficient of a TSAB battalion (hundreds of effectives) is only 5 AAs (or thereabouts) and 4 Bs, what kind of officers make up an ordinary battalion with the allocation split among hundreds of men?
This is where the limited mage ranks per unit make things very ugly.

Normally a company CO only represents a small fraction of the units combat strength since they're still really one rifleman out a couple hundred. A battalion CO might have a rifle but the rifle is really only for personal defense as they can do far more through commanding their unit than acting as a rifleman. The CO of a combat unit in the TSAB really needs to be an experienced mage and ideally one that can fly so that they have the mobility to go anywhere the unit needs to go as the situation demands. If they aren't a mage or can't fly, then they really need an adjutant with equivalent powers. If you have neither, then you're left with a CO that can't make any personal observations of the frontline, no one act as a liaison with other units that are deployed in the air and perform similar functions.

Any mage power you allocate to the CO and adjutant, leaves the unit with less combat strength to distribute to its component units and you really need to make at least three companies worth and each of those companies will need a company commander capable of commanding from the frontline. Battalion executive officers also play an important role but by then how many mage ranks do you have left to use? I can kind of picture TSAB battalions consisting almost entirely of service and support. If you run out of mage ranks, since you can't use conventional weapons, their really isn't anything else to fill out the balance of the unit.

Even with perfect communication, a TSAB CO can't be expected to fight well and command several companies at the same time. If they take the time to fight, then they can't focus on commanding and lose combat power indirectly. If they take time to command, then they're losing combat power directly. In RF6's case, the CO's nominal combat strength is greater than any of its component units leaving the CO with a nasty dilemma.

I would suspect that's one of the reasons why Nanoha practices with her boys. It is not only her boys that are getting the experience. Nanoha is also working out things like how much she can expect her bullets to slow and all that.
They really should be training the way they intend to fight. Training to fight in two different ways greatly increases the amount of training needed.

I personally marked that up to Reinforce helping her out.
Reinforce could probably have helped her directly once they were unisoned. Everything else would have had to happen telepathically. Losing the original Reinforce hurt in more ways than one.

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