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Name: Ignatius Volterra
Titles/Aliases: Spirale der Flamme (Spiral of Flame)
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: June 8
Homeworld: Velka
Relatives: None known (is the direct descendant of a legendary Cleric-Knight)
Occupation/Rank: TSAB (Private), Cleric-Knight (possibly)
Unit: Section 6
Code Name: Riot-4
Mage Rank: B
Magic Type: Velka
Magic Circle Color: Fiery red
Inherent Element: Fire
Height: Around 6’4
Weight: About 145lbs
Hair: Red, flame-like
Eye Color: Green
Build: Tall, solid
Distinguishing Marks: Large orange sunglasses, spiral-shaped birthmarks on the backs of both hands
Personality: Gung-ho, reckless, MANLY
Hobbies: Fighting, playing with Vivio, flirting (he does this when on leave. Much to the dismay of the younger boy, Ignatius always drags Katsuhito along)
Dislikes: Rain, injustice

Device Name: Flame Braver (first form), Flame Braver Rasen (second form)
Device Appearance: Knuckle (first form), large arm-mounted drill (second form)
Barrier Jacket: Red cape and vest, black pants, and a pair of large orange sunglasses
Ultimate Attack: Guren Senshouran (Crimson Lotus Rotation Impact Storm)

Background: Ignatius was raised at the main orphanage of the Church of Velka, and was infamous for constantly getting into fights with the older boys. He would defy authority repeatedly, and was generally the most rowdy child there. He was offered the chance to train as a paladin, but was kicked out for daily insubordination (to this day, he still calls Carim ‘Granny’, despite her still being in her twenties). He was sent back to the orphanage where he met Katsuhito Kuroshi, a small, timid boy who would sometime lose his temper.

Later, Ignatius joined the TSAB alongside Katsuhito, whom Ignatius had ‘adopted’ as a little brother

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