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I have some tips for Opera user...

Auto-reloading mechanism

What :
This feature enable you to reload a page for every specified time (ex. every 1min, 5min, 10min).
Why :
Very useful to avoid being automatically logged out due to cookie/session expire (ex. you'll be automatically logged out from AS forum if you idle for some period, don't know the exact time but i guess it's over 10min, probably every 20min...).
How :
Just right click and you'll see the Reload Every choice...

Semi Mouse Gestures

What :
If you're using Opera, you should know the mouse gestures features, this is something i found quite interesting.
Why :
It's handy...
How :
Back :
Hold right mouse button and press left mouse button and release them.
Forward :
Hold the left mouse button and press right mouse button and release them.

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