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Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
I'll tackle the backlog later.
But first...
To Riddly and Arrow, welcome to the OC thread!

Don't worry about the minor details. Just feel free to create your own characters. And watch them get a life of their own! If we can find openings, we'll be happy to accommodate your characters in the timelines. If not, feel free to create your own Alternate Universe where you have absolute control over their fates. We're all here to enjoy. I'm positive you two will enjoy as well!

By the way, Riddly. The OC thread is NOT anti-yuri. We just don't want the more ridiculous ship wars and the narrow-minded NXF'ers who say 'Not NXF = fail'. If you plan on bagging Fate (in AU) or making some yuri-stories with your characters here, there are no rules against that. In fact, AImost Pure, another member here has several yuri-pairings for his/her story. We accommodate anyone.

*holds back Kha and Chaos*

Well, gotta go off! Seeya people later!
Thank you for the welcome.

Oh, and I won't be bagging Fate. Even in AU I'd prefer to see her with Nanoha. But thank you for the consideration of what I may want my relationships to be. <3

And thank you also for the welcome Liingo, and Night. Pffh, you mean the series doesn't revolve around NxF?

I'm just messing with you. I'll be honest, I really do like NxF, but I know the entire series isn't just about that, and if something pops up that isn't NxF, that doesn't mean it's insta-fail. You guys are all quite tolerant of the massive horde that's the NxF fans, and the least I can do or any other fans is show the same respect in turn.

You guys are getting me sucked in~ It's almost 2am, and I have to be at work in 6 hours, yet here I am typing away my profile. Also, this isn't complete yet. I still need to create her background info. I would like you guys to check what I have though and see if I'm on the right path.

Spoiler for Riddly's unfinished character!:
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