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I see Lance is indeed an avid song quoter... An apt choice of a tune, by the way, and a nice piece overall, getting to see Lance's power and all.

Now, a couple more Letters:

Spoiler for Q and R:

S and T will come later. I'm not too sure about Q's IS, truthfully...but, it's up to you all to tell me what you think.

Edgar vs. Signum piece coming soon.

@ Aaron: Well, Sigourney is used in a second scenario- as shown in his bio, he's with Theo, Edgar, Nemo, Dark V and the Numbers.

Now that I think about it, they are over-matched...

@ Keroko: A good piece there- leaves me wondering what will happen to Vita, Keroko and Nanoha, especially at the end. I just hope the Ion Canon doesn't do anything drastic.
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