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Originally Posted by Liingo View Post
Right, I noticed this in the ep21 thread and gave Keroko a PM about it as it obviously belongs in here, but he's disappeared so here it is for everyone else.

I'll see you all tomorrow. Night.

Nice to see that you're still playing with the Ion cannon. Hopefully all goes well for you.

That's all I can say.

I suppose posting a few seconds before you get dinner is not a good idea. Thanks for telling me Liingo, Tormenk.

Re-posted for quotabillity.

Updated Rescue Mission Part 2. Not much happening in this one, but that will probably change as soon as 23 comes out, depending on what happens in the episode.

As always, translations are edjucated guesswork using summaries and my limited understanding of Japanese. they are subject to mistakes.

Spoiler for Rescue Mission ~Part 2:

Reading backlog now.



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