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@USB: Nice story, wonder if the epilogue is going to be sad now....

@Aaron: Poor Kha, getting quad-teamed (if that is a word)

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Nightype Magazine Spoilers for Ep.4 to 6...
  • Episode 4
    • After the fruitless interrogation, Mid-childa is once again under attack, as several unknown machinations appeared to terrorize different parts of the Capital, under the command of a single unknown mage. The Ground Forces were unable to repel off those unknowns, but as Jail stepped out of his cell, he starts to mobilize his freed Numbers...
  • Episode 5
    • With Jail Scaglietti's escape, former members of RF6 meets again in the TSAB Central HQ, reunited altogether after 6 months discussing the recent turn of events. Meanwhile, Acous had found something strange, while Yuuno too, discovered a section of Infinity Library once restricted only to the High Council... On Mid-childa, Carim gets an unexpected visitor...
  • Episode 6
    • Recieving a call from Aria and Lotte, Chrono and Hayate rushes to Earth to see Graham, who apparently doesn't have much time left. Meanwhile, a group of unknowns make their presence known, as they list their obliteration targets, the Harlaown twins, the Takamichi family, Arisa, Suzuka, and Gil Graham. As Arisa and Suzuka were pushed to a corner, someone appears before them giving them a choice of hell and a different hell, while Graham, with his last strength faces the unknown assailant...
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  • Episode 1
    • It had been 6 months since the Relic Incident, as different members of formerly RF6 depart to their own goals in life as Teana becomes an Air Force cadet under Nanoha, Subaru in the Disaster Management, Erio and Caro as Jr. Cadets in the Navy under Fate, and Hayate being in command of the Wolkenritter. However, one day as they each went on with their own missions, Nanoha/Teana, Fate/Erio/Caro and Hayate/Signum/Vita each are ambushed by 3 different unknowns at the same time...
  • Episode 2
    • The battles continued on about evenly, as these unknowns fought at a level with applications of Mid-childa and Ancient belka magic unseen of. Reinforcement eventually arrived, but before that, a different kind of magical circle was then used as the unknowns defeated just the Aces before leaving against the odds, citing that this was just a greeting... (( Ah, basically, it's just like A's 2 in a way. ))

  • Episode 3
    • Noticing that the unknowns in question had similar energy responses to those of Relics, Enforcer Fate Testarossa decides to interrogate Jail Scaglietti, who was prisoned in TSAB's High Security Complex. Meanwhile, Carim uses her Rare Skill to predict the future, only to discover that...

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Just as promised, my first Erio/Lutecia work... This is what would happen in episode 24 if this god of evil was in charge of production.

Somehow, I had the song "Hero" from the Spider-man theme song playing in my head over and over again...

Jeno: "And they say that a...!"

Spoiler for Don't you wish your male leads were...:

Don't cha... Don't cha...

So tell me, who do I have to remove to make the above happen...

P.S - done in another record time, so let me know if I did anything wrong that I can correct...
Nice, made me smile a bit.

Anway, SearcherS part 7 is done. Here it is.

Spoiler for SearcherS-part 7:

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