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How to make a windows icon

Video Tutorial how to make Icons for windows(they actually work for Vista to)

Tutorial level: Easy
All you need to know is how to extract stuff. See my previous tutorial for that if you don't already know how to.

Software used:
Axialis Icon Workshop
Photoshop CS2

rar contains
- 3 images used to make them
- The Photoshop file
- The 3 Icons that are the result of this tutorial
- And the Video of course

In the Video i will be showing you how to make 3 icons. I picked the original images based on variety of ways to make the icon. The first one is a easy one. Since the Magnetic lasso tool sticks to the sides easily. The second one is like stealing candy from a baby. All you have to do is use the Magic Wand. The third ons is medium. It's a screencap. And actually one of the easier screencaps i did. Since i forgot i had this pic of Miki. I added the icons to the rar to. The icons haven't been posted except for the Konata icon.

One important thing when choosing your source for a icon. Since a icon is in a square. The best is if the picture fits in a square. So not to many hair sticking out and stuff. Otherwise it will look cut off. And if you still try to fit it in the square by making it smaller it will be so small that you can hardly see who it is.

Enough of my uninteresting talking. Let's get to the video.
Link 1 Link 2

If you see a mistake or so feel free to point it out by pm or in my thread or here.
Feedback and comments appreciated.

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