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@Mirificus - I believe the lack of resources should be blamed on the Ground Force general (can't remember his name), not on RF6.
Spoiler for Ep24:
I read it as a part of the reason why RF6 was created by the TSA and the Church was to counter the political actions of the general.
Of course the General is responsible on the operational-strategic level. But Hayate has a duty to allocate whatever forces she has to maximize the probability of success for the most important objectives. In short, prioritization. Few generals ever have enough forces to be truly happy. The point is to do what you can with what you have.

@Keroko - That is one of my favourite tactics in C&C Generals, build a perceived threat (which is ofc really is a threat), then smack them from several sides as they start scampering to neutralise it. I'm a great believer in split force tactics, I love fighting from multiple sides and I normally attack with several battalions, that way when one takes damage, the reserves can take over whilst they recover or more importantly if I deem necessary I can send the whole lot in to finish them.
Typical Soviet tactics. Maskirovka, main and subsidiary efforts on a broad front, echelons.

At what point was the danger of the Cradle actually known and specifically that it needs to reach orbit?
They pretty much knew what kind of threat it was by the time the plan was drawn up.

At what point did they realise that inside all the strategic areas had AMF fields which hindered all their recently unlocked captains?
1) Some degree of AMF defense is hardly unpredictable.
2) If they knew there would be a strong AMF defense, they would know they would tire even more from violent uses of magic. Which further increases the need for force concentration so each person consumes less. In other words, she's even more guilty if she knew about the AMF stuff.

At what point did they know that the forwards instead of fighting 3 combat cyborgs would be fighting 5 and a summoner with her kick arse melee familiar?
Such uncertainty is why they should have brought more, not less, so that they can still blast through easily even with some surprises.

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